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To be at ease with the world whilst sharing my view of the world is my aim, and photography is about capturing the moment in time and sharing it with you.

As a teenager I was inspired by a Reader's Digest book of Birds, being fascinated with the pictures of Red Throated Divers. Surely these sleek and elegant birds could not be native. I began to imagine myself exploring the remote wilderness of Britain in search of these creatures.

I was also quickly developing my interest in photography,purchasing my Zenith B and creating my own dark room (in my bedroom), producing black and white prints. I have developed photographic knowledge, having been a keen amateur from teenage years working with black and white film camera and darkroom, progressing to current digital work.

Whatever the subject my aim is to produce an image that sits comfortably in its natural environment. You will not find me taking images of captive animals or birds, or those that are deliberately trained to by man for his gain.

I am developing packages for bird and wildlife workshops, and also undertake "wilderness weddings", this being weddings or civil ceremonies in remote places.

In order to achieve goals, the more I am 'out there with the camera' the better the chances. I live with my partner Marion travelling in a motor home on an extended tour, which allows me to have the freedom to visit, stay in and photograph the beautiful places this country and further afield has to offer.

As can be seen on the site, I photograph more than just birds, enjoying the creative aspect of festivals and weddings, in addition to the landscape and natural history work.

Marion has always been interested in a wide variety of crafts. Whilst living in the van she is working on knitting and patchwork projects which are available for sale on this site.I am also recording some of my mothers artwork, making prints of her paintings available on the site.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the site, and I would really welcome your comments or any questions via the contact links.

Best wishes...