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Back in Blighty..

11th April 2012
Well the trip to the south of Europe was splendid. On the way back we called in first at El Rocio, in the Donana national park in S/W Spain, and then had a couple of stops in Exteramurdia and Arcachon basin in France.
El Rocio is really worth a visit, both for nature and the fascinating setting of the town. The streets are all sand and travel is mostly by horse or 4x4. There is a pilgrim association and the church is stunning. The river delta has a nature reserve near the town, with good hides and stunning views of marshes that give close views of Glossy ibis, Purple Heron, Spoonbill, and if lucky Night Heron and Squacco Heron. We took a safari 4x4 ride and came across Wild Boar and Lynx.
Further North towards Salamanca, we got close to many White Storks, the scarce Black Stork, Short toed Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, and even got a view of Eagle Owl.
In Arcachon at Le Teich, the reserve gave great views of Spoonbill, along with numerous Black Kites, and close views of familiar birds such as Grebe, Snipe and other waders.
All of these sites gave good views from hides, with close views and NO staged images where birds are fed or called.
On return to England, I first had to travel to Leicestershire and Lincolnshire to sort out business and see family. The weather was freezing with a bit of a blizzard... such a shock! Now back to Brighton, before the next exhibition which is in Chichester next week.
The plans ahead include stopping near Minsmere, Suffolk, and then renting out the van whilst we embark on a pretty long bike ride, from Montpellier, France to Lincolnshire. We will be on the Tandem with tent etc .... so there will be a few journal images from the trip.