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Craft fairs and weddings

15th August 2011
Well we have been busy. I retired from work (mental health nursing), and happily I have felt more driven and more inspired since I finished back in January.
I was feeling despondent after the Poole craft fair as sales were low and we lost money, but people at the time said it was poor for everyone. At Knebworth however sales and more importantly interest in my work picked up, and the losses of Dorset were wiped out. I am now working through the 1,800 images taken at the last wedding earlier this month, as the couple are soon due back from honeymoon in Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. Very pleased with the images but lots of work to prepare a selected 150 of them for photo-book.
Thing is though, I haven't been out with the 600 mm recently, and so today was a real treat as I got the chance to photograph the red deer in Knebworth park.
Another wedding next week end to prepare for, although an opportunity was missed as the groom couldn't make the pre wedding shoot in the park yesterday due to sleeping off his stag night - and the shoot was after the craft fair ... I hope it was worth it!