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September rain..

06th September 2011
Here we are in Norfolk with the weather breaking, having a little red wine in the van, watching TV and generally having a cosy time whilst it simply pours outside. Its the sort of rain that will soak you through in 10 seconds...
Good job its this week and not last week, as we were camping and riding around Norfolk on our tandem. A great time was had whilst Marion's sister and her family stayed in the van.
No serious nature photography done now for 8 weeks, as I have completed 2 weddings and 3 craft fairs, which helps put some bread on the table.
Another craft fair in Rockingham Castle, Rutland in just over 2 weeks time, and then a wedding in Hampshire, so still busy. I am thinking more about doing a B/W project in time for the next fair, of buildings and local barges on the Grand Union Canal near Market Harborough, the nearest town to the next fair. The rain should help, as this is good light for B/W photography.
Also on a connected note I re-joined Havant Camera Club, and my first two images submitted for competition are in black and white. Both are on this site...dandelion head and Stromness street.
We are also looking for various other sources of income whilst travelling. The next idea to emerge is international house sitting, so we will have to take a look and see what is involved.
Well it has now just about stopped raining and the light is good so I must leave and use the opportunity to take pics...

regards ..