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31st July 2011
I am now convinced I am allergic to suburbia.... I have no immunity! We have been parked outside Marion's sisters house for a week doing a bit of house / teenager sitting whilst parents away. Its not that the area is poor or anything, because for North London its very pleasant, with woods, Woodpeckers and Parakeets around. It just doesn't come close to Orkney or even Welsh Wales, and I've had a rotten cold.
On a different note the big wedding last week went very well, especially with a degree of camera shyness to contend with. Well pleased with the results and next job will be creation of Wedding book.
Been preparing for our 1st craft fair and after getting through about £150 in inks and paper, decided to abandon the big Canon printer and buy another, smaller version which will store flat in the van. Results have improved greatly, although some barring... The prints done at printers in Newcastle however are great... 75 A3's to mount, label and bag!
Next week is going to be dentist / visit kids / catch up with one or two friends on South coast and then on Fri its our 1st craft fair in poole.
Off now to get a Lem Sip