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Winter storms

12th February 2014
For the first time we are spending the middle of winter in the UK. We returned to finish off house renovations in Padiham, and had to rush as we found we had a tenant waiting to move in. We had hoped for clear frosty mornings and some snow, but we are sitting out these severe storms. Right now the wind is switching to side on and we are rocking. We came back up to Lancashire for camera club presentations and workshops, and have been made very welcome at Bury, Irwell Vale, Burnley and Sale.
We are stopping on a farm outside of Worsthorne near Burnley, a place I used to live 17 years ago. The walking has been fantastic, and it was on a trek over to the Packhorse in Yorkshire that I took an image of Gorple Rocks, which has won the annual landscape competition at Havant camera club.
We are staying in the UK to celebrate my mothers 90th birthday next week, after which we plan to travel to the south of Europe, provided we get some essential van maintenance completed. There are no exhibitions or camera clubs booked until September, so that we can focus on travel and photography. I will be doing a bit of work on tidying the website and processing images that sit in my computer, hopefully before we sail in March. Right now we are just being buffeted waiting a little anxiously for this mega storm to blow itself out.